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Anya Jenkins

Age: 1125

Birthdate: July 4

Height: 5'5" (165cm)

Race: Human (Ex-Demon)

Residence: Apartment 1-9

Notable Inventory

Shards: 0 (as of Day 273)

♦ Cash Register

♦ Charm Bracelet (Harvest Festival)

♦ Condoms

♦ Longsword

Thigh-high Socks (Harvest Festival gift)

♦ Various Magical Ingredients and Potions

♦ Vibrator (Harvest Festival gift)


Witchcraft - The only thing that Anya has that might be classified as a "power," although her ability is limited enough it mostly already falls within the 3x per day rule. At Anya's level, most spell-casting requires things like ingredients, candles, and/or chanting in Latin. Not the sort of thing you do on the fly. She can produce some fairly impressive results, like turning people into trolls and forming barriers, but again, they require preparation. She can cast more powerful spells as part of a circle with other witches.


[None Yet]


Demonology (Master)

Languages (Master) - Anya has an extensive knowledge of both archaic and modern human languages. This includes her native tongue of Old Norse, English, French, and Latin, and presumably many others.

Longswords (Average)

Sex (Master)