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Bastion Relationships

♥♥♥♥♥ - Love. You make her happy, and not just because you're bumpy in all the right places.
♥♥♥♥ - Best friend. You're someone she wants around in good times and bad.
♥♥♥ - Friend. She enjoys spending time with you.
♥♥ - She likes you, and might feel slightly bad if something were to happen to you.
♥ - You're pleasant enough to be around.
- Neutral. She doesn't care about you one way or the other.
♠ - You're sort of stupid and annoying. Like a fly.
♠♠ - Dislike. It may not be personal, but you're very irritating.
♠♠♠ - You're probably some sort of misogynistic jerk.
♠♠♠♠ - You're a horrible excuse for a human being and deserve to be maimed.
♠♠♠♠♠ - Vengeance is happening with or without powers.

Ghaleon[personal profile] four_quarts ♥♥♥
Attractive, self-assured, and a warlock who was once motivated by vengeance-- Anya sees him as something of a kindred spirit, and more like a woman than a man to talk to. He also makes a lovely orgasm friend.

Patchouli[personal profile] heptagram ♥♥♥
Anya's best prospect for an introduction into lady love, Patchouli is also becoming a good witch friend.

Ibuki Mioda[personal profile] scary_music ♥♥♥
Her sheer volume can make her very annoying, but she's unconventional and spontaneous, so she's also sort of fun. You know, as long as you have earplugs.

Colin[personal profile] freedom_engineer
Somewhat annoying at times, but he's very frank about things, which Anya finds refreshing. He seems to share her rather loose morals, and even offered to assist her with vengeance if need be.

Rin[personal profile] hellpyre
A fire demon. She's a little dumb, but Anya likes her.

Megaera[personal profile] twinked_witch
A succubus in need of support from (ex-)fellow demons.

(Ryu) ♦ [personal profile] amnesiadragon
He's young and naive, which means other people haven't had time to ruin him with stupid preconceptions about the world.

Ippo[personal profile] windgod
Ibuki's boyfriend.

(Hilda) ♦ [personal profile] ourlegends

Zulf[personal profile] fuckthemancers

(Sayaka Miki) ♦ [personal profile] blueveins

(AZ) ♦ [personal profile] gianthobo

(Nanaki Bekku) ♦ [personal profile] findsrisks
Another survivor from Vatheon.

(Aoi Asahina) ♦ [personal profile] amphibian
Well, she has a lot of enthusiasm.

(Ikuri) ♦ [personal profile] darkshooter
A rude girl who isn't very good at putting words together.

Rob[personal profile] dragonsorcsandwolves ♠♠♠
This horrible man summoned bunnies to the Bastion and doomed them all to a gruesome death.

Last Updated September 19, 2015.

Dropped Characters

Saïx[personal profile] croceamors ♥♥♥
Lacking a heart has made him rather humorless and disinterested in things like fun, but nevertheless Anya rather enjoys his company. He does have a vengeful streak and they see eye-to-eye on other matters as well. Plus under her guidance he's becoming fantastic in bed.

Vatheon CR:
Bastion CR:

Roze Ichishi-Finklestein[personal profile] fullofthorns
Her language is a little crude, but Anya enjoys her attitude, and it's been some time since she's had any real comaradarie with a fellow demon lady.

Angelo[personal profile] beauchevalier
He was one of Anya's orgasm friends in Vatheon, but he seems to have forgotten her, which is upsetting.

Vatheon CR:
Bastion CR:

('Duke' Pantarei) ♦ [personal profile] notduchess
Evidently the not-so-deep-voiced twin brother of the man she met in Vatheon. They seem very similar.

Vatheon CR:
Bastion CR:

(Calem) ♦ [personal profile] chosenbylife

(Kohaku Hearts) ♦ [personal profile] spiria

(Shing Meteoryte) ♦ [personal profile] oursomalink

(Impmon) ♦ [personal profile] coronadestroyer

Axel[personal profile] flared
Saïx's attractive redhead friend. A dork and a prude.

Yukio Okumura[personal profile] doctor_dragoon
Rin's brother, the Bastion's prudish doctor.

(Crona) ♦ [personal profile] blackblooded
A prude who died. Everyone was very upset.

Anna[personal profile] aprettyred
A psychic girl with a pet fire-breathing insect.

(Ryu) ♦ [personal profile] dragonform

(Skyla Arkin) ♦ [personal profile] magisperica
A girl who threatened to punch her just for handing out condoms.

(Kaoru Hitachiin) ♦ [personal profile] individuates
Anya is not aware that he is actually Hikaru's twin. She just thinks this brat was slightly more sensible on a second meeting.

(Hikaru Hitachiin) ♦ [personal profile] individuating ♠♠
A brat who insulted her hair and stole her shoes.

Vatheon: Notable CR

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez[personal profile] jagermeister ♥♥
A soul-eating demon who's about as clueless about convoluted human rituals as she once was. She sympathizes. Thanks to a curse, she thought he was her boyfriend for a week, and he does have a certain blunt charm. She persuaded him to try out sex, and they seem to be on their way to becoming friends with benefits. The benefits part having come first, of course.

Queen of Vampires[personal profile] redboots
Aside from several attempts to threaten her with bunnies, Anya likes her. She's remarkably sensible for a vampire.